1. Why you should engage MNK service?
    MNK provides you with trained and excellent after sales service.

  2. Is MNK licensed?
    Yes, we are licensed by the Ministry of Manpower ( MOM ) to conduct our employment agency business.

  3. Is MNK accredited?
    We are accredited to the Indonesian Embassy, Singapore.

  4. How long generally will the helper arrive from country of origin?
    Generally, it will take an average of 4 to 6 weeks for the helper to arrive.

  5. What is levy?
    Levy is monetary payment made to the government for every foreign worker / helper employed under work permit. It is payable by GIRO.

  6. How much is the helper levy?
    Effective 01/05/2015, the levy is S$60 per month / S$1.95 per day if you have at least a child under 16 years old or/and parent above 65 years of age who is a Singapore citizen and residing wit h you. Otherwisw the levy will be S$265 per month / S$9 per day.

  7. What is security bond?
    The Ministry of Manpower requires every employer to post a security bond of S$5000 for every foreign worker / helper employed under work permit. There are certain conditions attached to the security bond.
    Please refer to www.mom.gov.sg for details.

  8. What is Personal Accident Insurance and Medical Insurance?
    It is a requirement that an employer purchases a Personal Accident Insurance for a minimum sum insured of S$40,000 and a Medical Insurance for a minimum sum of S$ 15,000 for every foreign domestic helper that an employer hires

  9. Do helpers need to undergo medical check ups upon arrival in Singapore?
    Yes, it is mandatory all helpers to undergo medial check up from a certified medical institution 14 days from the date of arrival in Singapore.

  10. How often do helpers need to undergo re-medical examination?
    Helpers are required to undergo a re-medical examination every 6 months. This has to be conducted by a certified medical practitioner.

  11. Who will be responsible for medical expenses of the helper?
    The Ministry of Manpower stipulates that employers are liable and to bear the full cost of the medical expenses, including hospitalization. www.income.com.sg

  12. How can I claim tax relief for my helper levy?
    You can claim for tax relief if you meet the following:
    • you are working, married and opted for a separate tax assessment
    • your husband is not residing in Singapore
    • you are separated, divorced or widowed and living with you child / children

  13. What is term "Transfer Maid" means?
    There are occasions where employers do not wish to continue engaging the services of their helpers and would like the agency to assist in the re-employment of their helpers.

  14. Can I engage a foreign domestic helper on a part-time basis?
    It is illegal to engage a foreign domestic helper on a part-time basis. There are severe penalties for such offence.

  15. Can I engage a foreign domestic helper and ask her to work in different households?
    The foreign domestic helper is not allowed to work in any other place except than on the address stipulated on the work permit card.

  16. Can the foreign domestic helper assist in my home business ( eg: making cakes, kueh, etc ) if she is doing it in my house?
    No, the ministry does not allow this and this is a violation of the work permit condition.

  17. What are the employer responsibilities towards the foreign domestic helper?
    As per the Ministry of Manpower, the employer is responsible and not limited to:
    • Pay the salary timely
    • Provide adequate food and rest
    • Provide reasonable accommodation as to violate her privacy
    • Providing medical care, inclusive hospitalization
    • Ensure a safe working environment
    • Treat her as a person and with respect

  18. What other obligations do I have as an employer?
    18. You are required to uphold the security bond that you have undertaken.

  19. What documents are required should I need to engage a foreign domestic worker?
    The following documents are required :
    • Copies of identity card of employer
    • Copies of identity card of occupiers of the said household
    • Proof of income, either by Notice of Assessment or employer authorization to the Ministry of Manpower to verify his / her income with Internal Revenue Authority
    For first time employer, you are also required to attend an Employer Orientation Programme ( EOP )

  20. Do I need to cancel the foreign domestic helper if I want to repatriate her?
    Yes, you need to and the following documents are required.
    • Authorisation letter if the cancellation is to be done by the agency
    • Air ticket to her country of origin
    • The foreign domestic helper passport
    • The foreign domestic helper work permit card

  21. What is the average monthly salary for foreign domestic helpers?
    Indonesian: S$ 460
    Filipino: S$ 480
    Myanmar: S$ 450
    Sri Lanka: S$ 450
    Indian: S$ 420