• Culture Difference
    It is very important that time is to be given for adjustments as many of the workers or foreign domestic workers may be from rural areas. Some things which are simple for us may be something that is alien to them. Some of these issues that need to be given attention are food, language, the use of household items and minding of children.

  • High Rise Living
    Many of these workers or foreign domestic workers are not familiar with living in high rise dwelling. As such it is much encouraged that employers provide proper orientation so as to eliminate potentially serious accident from occurring.

  • Family Integration
    It is advisable that the workers or foreign domestic workers integrate well into your family and home as the worker or foreign domestic worker will work and stay her entire employment duration with you. Understanding their ethic background will help you as employer to go a long way. Furtherance, exercising patience, tolerance and understanding will minimize disputes and conflicts, two most critical factors in determining the performance of the worker or foreign domestic worker.

  • Accommodation
    It much encouraged that the worker or foreign domestic worker is given a separate room to stay in. Where this is not possible, a reasonable space is provided where the privacy of the worker or foreign domestic worker is not intruded. Improper accommodation like making the worker or foreign domestic worker to sleep at the kitchen or corridor is not acceptable. Sharing a sleeping place with a male is definitely not allowed.

  • Salary
    As an employer you are obligated to pay the salary on time. Payment can be made either by cash or cheque made payable directly to the worker or foreign domestic worker. To avoid misunderstanding you are encouraged to upkeep proper documentation of your transaction.

  • Medical care
    Medical care, including hospitalization is the full responsibility of the employer and you are required to bear the full cost should the need arises. You, as an employer are not allowed to recover this cost from your employee.

  • Rest
    Adequate rest is one of the key factors to a productive employee. Hence, as an employer, you are to ensure that your employee has sufficient rest.

  • Well being
    It is the responsibility of the employer that for your employees well being, such as food, accommodation, basic necessities and medical care are taken care off. Your employee should be treated fairly when assigning her with work. An employee who works in a happy environment tends to be more productive and will give less trouble.