training and development
At MNK, we emphasize very much in training. The determination of training requires careful and continuous assessments. At MNK, we have designed, created and formulate a structured training system and environment for all our potential candidates so that they may acquire or learn specific, job-related behaviours, knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes in helping the candidates to perform better on their assigned jobs.

Apart from training, we also focus on development as an investment for their future. As part of the candidates development programme, the potential candidates will have to undergo a series of evolving set of knowledge, skills and abilities so that to equip them to perform well in the succession of positions encountered during his or her career.

All our potential candidates are carefully interviewed to determine for their suitability. Following which, all candidates have to undergo a series of training in the process of identifying the areas where the candidates would benefit from the training in order to become more effective at achieving their objectives. The training that are conducted will subsequently lead to:
  • Improving work competency and specific job related skills.
  • Increase job satisfaction and morale of employees.
  • Increase job satisfaction and morale of employers.
  • Increase efficiencies in processes.
  • Cost savings.
  • Enhance company image.
For potential candidates who register themselves as foreign domestic workers, they have to undergo and successfully complete and not limited to these areas of assessment and training:
  • Infant care.
  • Elderly and disabled.
  • General housework / house keeping.
  • Culinary skills.
  • English language.
  • Physiological assessment.
  • Psychological assessment.
  • General orientation for employment as a foreign domestic worker.
Please click here to watch our foreign domestic workers in training.